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Located just off the Monash Fwy and within walking distance of Glen Iris train station

Powered Storage Units for Rent in Melbourne

Storage units with electricity in a storage facility like ours at Storage Glen Iris are more popularly known as ‘powered storage units.’ These valuable storage units offer a simple, practical, and guarded solution to those wishing to make their lives easier. Compared to a regular self-storage unit, powered storage units are equipped with electrical sockets and light fixtures, making it more convenient to manage and search for your electronic devices, equipment, and appliances. Our storage facility has built-in alarms, security systems, and CCTV cameras that can provide 24/7 surveillance and PIN security that guarantees controlled access to your storage units. 

Benefits of Storage Units with Electricity

Storage units powered with electricity or power storage units can slightly differ from your regular storage units in a good way. Here are some benefits you can gain when you book a power self-storage unit from us: 

  • You have access to electricity, making it easier to charge, plug in, and use electronics in the storage unit.
  • You can choose from a variety of storage unit sizes and customise the space to fit your needs.
  • We offer you the flexibility to change storage unit sizes when the need arises.

Power Storage Units Tailored to Fit your Needs and Budget

At Storage Glen Iris, you can have access to safe and secure temp storage unitsmotorbike storage units, and specialised storage units with electricity to power any electronic devices you have. A powered storage unit is the ideal choice whether you’re a small company owner seeking a storage solution for your inventory and equipment or need a place to keep your electronics and power tools. 

There’s a misconception that the cost of a power storage unit is not easy on the pocket, but this isn’t true. Storage Glen Iris offers straightforward and affordable storage unit prices that fit all budgets. Don’t wait any longer and get in touch with the storage specialists at Storage Glen Iris. 

Power Self Storage Units Serving Melbourne Residents

Our storage experts at Storage Glen Iris recognise your need to test equipment, power tools, and appliances inside the self storage unit. We also acknowledge the need for light fixtures to make searching for your things easier at night. You get all these at a powered self storage unit in Storage Glen Iris. You don’t have to go back and forth to plug in your equipment outside the storage facility; you don’t need to bring a portable light source whenever you visit your storage unit. Melbourne residents can benefit from booking a storage unit with electricity because the newly built storage facility is located just off the Monash Freeway, making it accessible for everyone. 

Find Storage Units with Electricity near Me

At Storage Glen Iris, we differentiate ourselves from other storage facilities in Melbourne because we provide tailor-fit services and self storage units for all our clients. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction, so we strive to match your needs with our top-notch services. No hard-selling here! You don’t need to search far and wide to find a storage unit with electricity because we offer just that and so much more. Self storage units, student storage units, commercial storage units, long term storage, and office space for rent are available at affordable rates. 

Melbourne Powered Storage Units

We have brand new, state of the art security.

– Yes we have alarmed units
– Its a pin security system not a keycard 
– 24/7 CCTV
– Hours are 6am-6pm. You can access your unit outside of these hours with a PIN. 

–       Half garage : 8-11m2 (2 bedroom apartment/house)

–       Three quarter garage : 12-15m2 (3 bedroom house)

–       Garage : 15-20m2 (4 bedroom house)

–       Double car garage : 20-30m2 (5 bedroom+)

–       Small Warehouse : 30-50m2 

–       Large Warehouse/commercial space 50-300m2+

– 4m high by 6m wide. Drive by access right in front of the lift.
– Pallet jacks, trolleys are free to use. A forklift or bobcat are available for heavy lifting.

What Our Customers Have to Say about Storage Glen Iris

The vibe at the Hive... is fabulous 😉 I love grabbing my coffee and lunch from Blakes, a real treat when I'm working on site there. I always look forward to working at Brixton Hive facility most weeks, and running into all the happy workers from so many different businesses. A Great place to be.
we've been a tenant here at Brixton Hive for over 5 years now and absolutely love the place. We have a great connection with our community, our business has grown dramatically and the landlords are really good family people.
We moved our office to Brixton Hive in 2019. The team at Brixton Hive were able to fit out office space specific to our needs. As a Landscape Architect, I appreciate being near Gardiner’s Creek with all the walking trails, wetlands and natural bush landscapes. It is a nice little pocket away from the bustle of city life. Brixton Hive is occupied by many different businesses, with several in the building industry so there is a great network for people that work in a similar sector. There is also Glen Iris School of dance that my daughter has enrolled, and Blakes Feast always cooking up amazing food. The best thing is the camaraderie, as everyone has become good friends and there is never a shortage of a good laugh which breaks up the working day. We are really happy to be a part of the Brixton Hive family.
Frank Duke Tree Services has been using the Brixton Rise storage facility for approximately 20 years. Since the change of ownership, the new and existing owners of Brixton Hive have been very accommodating to all our needs and nothing is ever too much trouble. They are kind, friendly and easily approachable. Brixton Hive is in a prime location for our tree service business and all the new and improved amenities create a welcoming environment for all. Prices are very comparable to other storage facilities in the area and the other businesses within the complex are a great mix with a great culture.

Not all self-storage facilities are the same. There are storage facilities that offer power plugs in their storage units and some that don't. Ask the storage specialists at Storage Glen Iris for the options available to you if you require electric plugs in your storage units. 


Absolutely. You can store any electronic device, power tools, and appliances in the storage unit of your choice. 

Like other storage units, the price of a powered storage unit can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the unit, amenities included, rental period, and location. It's best to get a quote from the storage experts at Storage Glen Iris because they can give you the exact rate for your storage unit requirements. 

Light fixtures are built-in for storage units with electricity at Storage Glen Iris. You don't need to worry about installing lights when you book a storage unit with us. 

Yes. Storage Glen Iris offers powered self storage units in various sizes depending on what you need. We offer the right-sized storage space for you so you don't need to pay for space that you don't use!