We provide custom made office rental solutions tailored to your business, just ask what we can do for you.

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offices for rent - office spaces for rent Melbourne

24/7 Access

You can access your storage unit 24 hours a day

Convenient Move in

We have a super convenient large lift and loading bay


Located just off the Monash Fwy and within walking distance of Glen Iris train station

Offices for Rent in Glen Iris

Storage Glen Iris is a newly-built facility providing office spaces for rent, storage and commercial storage solutions for businesses. Our office spaces for rent are popular among small businesses looking for a new location or an upgrade from operating online or from home. Having an office space is often the next step in a businesses progression from operating from home, it provides a place for you to meet clients, display your works, stay organised, put on extra staff or just simply provide a dedicated space for business only. Renting an office can help separate your personal and professional life, Storage Glen Iris provides offices that give you the opportunity to pursue your business goals and still provide a beautiful relaxing environment at the same time. 

Office Rental Solutions

Located in Glen Iris we supply offices for rent for people from surrounding suburbs such as Burwood, Malvern, Toorak, Armadale, Hawthorn and surrounding suburbs. A newly built facility, Storage Glen Iris has top quality, modern facilities and provides a secure, clean working environment for you and your team.

Office Space for Rent

When it comes to location, Storage Glen Iris does not disappoint, situated just off the Monash Fwy, close to Glen Iris train station, also just across the road from Glenburn Bend Park and Gardiners Creek, it truly is a prime location, being close enough to the freeway to make logistics easier and also being situated in such a beautiful location that has easy access to Melbourne CBD.

Secure Office Spaces for Rent in Glen Iris

We have brand new, state of the art security.

– Yes we have alarmed units
– Its a pin security system not a keycard 
– 24/7 CCTV
– Hours are 6am-6pm. You can access your unit outside of these hours with a PIN. 

–       Half garage : 8-11m2 (2 bedroom apartment/house)

–       Three quarter garage : 12-15m2 (3 bedroom house)

–       Garage : 15-20m2 (4 bedroom house)

–       Double car garage : 20-30m2 (5 bedroom+)

–       Small Warehouse : 30-50m2 

–       Large Warehouse/commercial space 50-300m2+

– 4m high by 6m wide. Drive by access right in front of the lift.
– Pallet jacks, trolleys are free to use. A forklift or bobcat are available for heavy lifting.

A fantastic approach to combine the adaptability of working from home with a regulated work atmosphere is to rent an office. As a result, you could find it simpler to balance your personal and professional objectives. 


Working from home comes with it's own challenges, keeping motivated, sticking to a schedule and not to mention all the distractions.

Renting an office space can help you stick to a routine, be more productive and appear more professional.


Office space rental is described as leasing out office spaces to businesses and start-up entrepreneurs for their use. This type of rent usually entails monthly payments for the use of the space. 


Like renting out any kind of property, the costs for leasing out an office space will differ depending on location, size, accessibility, amenities, etc. Contact Storage Glen Iris to know more about our office rental rates. 


The inclusions of an office rental will depend on the building or facility. Some come fully-furnished, some unfurnished, and some with basic amenities like wi-fi, and some with none. Get in touch with Storage Glen Iris to discuss what options are available for office space rentals.