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You can access your storage unit 24 hours a day

Convenient Move in

We have a super convenient large lift and loading bay


Located just off the Monash Fwy and within walking distance of Glen Iris train station

Be More Inspired With Our Studio Spaces for Rent in Melbourne

Are you looking for an inspiring and unique studio spaces in Melbourne? No need to look any further! Storage Glen Iris offers affordable studio spaces for rent ideal for painters, photographers, and other creatives looking for a professional and inspiring environment. Designed with the needs of artists in mind, our studio spaces bring out the perfect blend of functionality and affordability. Our versatile layouts can suit a broad range of artistic practices, whether you’re a painter, illustrator, or multimedia artist looking to expand and bring your presence to the next level through commercial spaces. With plenty of natural light, roomy spaces, and basic utilities, you’ll have everything you need to create your masterpiece.

Storage Glen Iris understands that pursuing your passion should not be expensive, so we provide affordable pricing. We aim to help aspiring artists by providing them a welcoming environment to foster their creativity. Don’t allow financial limitations to limit your artistic development. Instead, use our low-cost studio spaces in Melbourne to realize your full artistic potential.

Creative Space for Rent Perfect for Every Artist

Why strive to find the right workplace when we have exactly what you need? Our clean and newly built facility is ideal for unleashing your creativity and bringing your ideas to life. Our creative environment is a blank canvas ready for your artistic touch, with state-of-the-art facilities and a modern style.

We prioritize convenience, which is why our excellent location is easily accessible to you and your clients. Say goodbye to long drives or commutes and welcome to a central workspace that boosts productivity and allows you to focus on what you do best—creating.

Flexible renting options are available to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a short-term rental for a specific project or a long-term rental, we are here to help.

Work More Creatively with Storage Glen Iris Artist Studio for Rent

We understand that every artist needs a perfect space to get their creative mind to start working. At Storage Glen Iris, our art spaces for rent are built to support and inspire you on your artistic journey. Here are some other reasons why renting an artist studio with us can help you work more creatively:

  • Dedicated Space: Creates a distinct and concentrated setting for artistic pursuits.
  • Environment and Inspiration: Provides a stimulating and favourable environment for creative work.
  • Flow and concentration: Allows artists to reach a flow state without interruption.
  • Storage and organization: Allows artists to organize and readily access their creative equipment and tools.
  • Collaboration and networking: It allows you to connect with and cooperate with other artists.
  • Presentation and professionalism: Improves professionalism and makes client relationships easier.

Experience Convenience and Comfort With Our Commercial Studio for Rent

We help you elevate your business and provide the most suitable and comfortable environment that helps you unleash your creativity and explore new artistic possibilities. With our secure and complete facilities, you have peace of mind, assured that your tool, art supplies, and work-in-progress are easily accessible and properly arranged. With our dedicated art spaces for rent, you can expect an inspiring environment where you can work uninterrupted. Additionally, Storage Glen Iris creative studio spaces add identity and professional credibility while providing convenience for other artists or clients to interact and engage with you.

Affordable Creative Studio Space for Rent Around Melbourne

Looking for an affordable creative studio space to rent in or around Melbourne?  We got you! Our art spaces for rent provide an excellent opportunity to develop your artistic interests without breaking your budget. We provide budget-friendly artist studio spaces for rent in and around Melbourne that are reasonably priced and available in various sizes. When you rent from us, you’ll join a vibrant creative community and have access to flexible rental options to suit your needs. Our 24/7 accessible well-maintained facilities are designed with artists in mind, providing a safe, clean, functional, and inspiring environment to support your artistic process.

Accessible Studio Spaces for Rent in Melbourne

We have brand new, state of the art security.

– Yes we have alarmed units
– Its a pin security system not a keycard 
– 24/7 CCTV
– Hours are 6am-6pm. You can access your unit outside of these hours with a PIN. 

–       Half garage : 8-11m2 (2 bedroom apartment/house)

–       Three quarter garage : 12-15m2 (3 bedroom house)

–       Garage : 15-20m2 (4 bedroom house)

–       Double car garage : 20-30m2 (5 bedroom+)

–       Small Warehouse : 30-50m2 

–       Large Warehouse/commercial space 50-300m2+

– 4m high by 6m wide. Drive by access right in front of the lift.
– Pallet jacks, trolleys are free to use. A forklift or bobcat are available for heavy lifting.

What Our Customers Have to Say about Storage Glen Iris

The vibe at the Hive... is fabulous 😉 I love grabbing my coffee and lunch from Blakes, a real treat when I'm working on site there. I always look forward to working at Brixton Hive facility most weeks, and running into all the happy workers from so many different businesses. A Great place to be.
we've been a tenant here at Brixton Hive for over 5 years now and absolutely love the place. We have a great connection with our community, our business has grown dramatically and the landlords are really good family people.
We moved our office to Brixton Hive in 2019. The team at Brixton Hive were able to fit out office space specific to our needs. As a Landscape Architect, I appreciate being near Gardiner’s Creek with all the walking trails, wetlands and natural bush landscapes. It is a nice little pocket away from the bustle of city life. Brixton Hive is occupied by many different businesses, with several in the building industry so there is a great network for people that work in a similar sector. There is also Glen Iris School of dance that my daughter has enrolled, and Blakes Feast always cooking up amazing food. The best thing is the camaraderie, as everyone has become good friends and there is never a shortage of a good laugh which breaks up the working day. We are really happy to be a part of the Brixton Hive family.
Frank Duke Tree Services has been using the Brixton Rise storage facility for approximately 20 years. Since the change of ownership, the new and existing owners of Brixton Hive have been very accommodating to all our needs and nothing is ever too much trouble. They are kind, friendly and easily approachable. Brixton Hive is in a prime location for our tree service business and all the new and improved amenities create a welcoming environment for all. Prices are very comparable to other storage facilities in the area and the other businesses within the complex are a great mix with a great culture.

Depending on the studio's size and location, renting a creative studio space might be expensive. We provide reasonable pricing designed to match various spending limits. For detailed price information and current availability, kindly get in touch with us directly.

Yes, we provide adaptable rental alternatives to meet both temporary and long-term requirements. We can come up with a plan that works for you whether you need a studio for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months.

Absolutely! Our studio spaces encourage cooperation and a sense of community among artists. We promote communication and cooperation among our renters. A helpful network and intriguing creative opportunities might result from networking with other artists.

Artists of all fields and styles are welcome here. You are invited to develop and experiment with your preferred art form in our studio spaces, whether you are a painter, sculptor, photographer, or any other visual artist.

Yes, the cost of renting usually includes essential services like electricity, heating, and water. To guarantee clarity on what is included by the rental agreement, however, kindly clarify the specifics with us.