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You can access your storage unit 24 hours a day

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We have a super convenient large lift and loading bay


Located just off the Monash Fwy and within walking distance of Glen Iris train station

Hassle-free Student Storage in Melbourne

It is undeniable that entering University or College is one of your life’s most significant and exciting milestones. As a student, relocating to another city or town could mean spending too much time (and gas!) on the road, moving your stuff from home to campus, and vice-versa. This could drain you financially and mentally, which no one ever wishes for. It’s a good thing that there are storage facilities in Melbourne like ours at Storage Glen Iris, specialising in Uni student storage, temporary storage, and long term self storage solutions for students. We can secure your belongings, from textbooks to clothes to surfboards, at our Melbourne storage facility for as long as you want without the pressure of fixed and expensive contracts. 


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Reasons to Simplify Life with our Student Storage

When the end of the semester slowly approaches, you may be stuck with the question of where to place all the things you’ve amassed over the past months in your college dorm or apartment. Taking your things to and from your dorm and home can be costly and time-consuming for you and your parents. This is why Storage Glen Iris is an excellent solution to your problem. Here are a few reasons why we can simplify your student life with our student storage in Melbourne: 

  • We offer safe and secure storage options for your things. 
  • We offer cost-effective self storage solutions that give you significant savings. 
  • We offer a one-stop storage service to save you space, time, and effort. 
  • We help you get organised and keep your parents happy! 

Cost of Storage for Students

Holidays are fast approaching, but you still haven’t decided what to do with everything in your student apartment or University dorm. You’ve been pondering whether you should book a student storage unit but are holding back because you think it will cost you a lot. We’re here to prove you wrong. It’s hard to estimate the price of renting storage units since, as with most things, it depends on the size of the unit, the location, and how long your rental term is. We understand how budgeting is crucial for students, so we are happy to offer you cheap student storage and powered self storage units and  that are perfect for your budget. Get in touch with us to know more.

Your Storage Solution to Dorm Room Overflow

Say goodbye to your overstuffed dorm room and say hello to more space and freedom in your student life!

Because you can store everything in just one student storage unit, why go through the trouble of hauling your belongings back and forth between your house, school, and workplace? Take your holidays knowing that your valuables are kept secure at Storage Glen Iris. With 24-hour CCTV, security gates, fire alarms, PIN-security access, and padlocks for each unit at our Melbourne storage facility, you can be confident that your books, electronics, clothing, or anything else you choose to keep will be in a secured area. Book a student self storage unit today!


Flexible Uni Student Storage Units near Me

Storage Glen Iris has been a popular choice for University students for years because we offer a hassle and stress-free storage solution at the beginning and end of each semester. Being a student is stressful enough, and you do not want to add to your worry list where to store your things over the summer break temporarily. Our student storage units and short term furniture storage in Melbourne are perfect for overseas or local students who want to go home for the holidays since we make short-term storage available for you. Let us do the storing for you so you can enjoy your student life to the fullest!


Safe and Secure Student Storage Units in Melbourne

We have brand new, state of the art security.

– Yes we have alarmed units
– Its a pin security system not a keycard 
– 24/7 CCTV
– Hours are 6am-6pm. You can access your unit outside of these hours with a PIN. 

–       Half garage : 8-11m2 (2 bedroom apartment/house)

–       Three quarter garage : 12-15m2 (3 bedroom house)

–       Garage : 15-20m2 (4 bedroom house)

–       Double car garage : 20-30m2 (5 bedroom+)

–       Small Warehouse : 30-50m2 

–       Large Warehouse/commercial space 50-300m2+

– 4m high by 6m wide. Drive by access right in front of the lift.
– Pallet jacks, trolleys are free to use. A forklift or bobcat are available for heavy lifting.

What Our Customers Have to Say about Storage Glen Iris

The vibe at the Hive... is fabulous 😉 I love grabbing my coffee and lunch from Blakes, a real treat when I'm working on site there. I always look forward to working at Brixton Hive facility most weeks, and running into all the happy workers from so many different businesses. A Great place to be.
we've been a tenant here at Brixton Hive for over 5 years now and absolutely love the place. We have a great connection with our community, our business has grown dramatically and the landlords are really good family people.
We moved our office to Brixton Hive in 2019. The team at Brixton Hive were able to fit out office space specific to our needs. As a Landscape Architect, I appreciate being near Gardiner’s Creek with all the walking trails, wetlands and natural bush landscapes. It is a nice little pocket away from the bustle of city life. Brixton Hive is occupied by many different businesses, with several in the building industry so there is a great network for people that work in a similar sector. There is also Glen Iris School of dance that my daughter has enrolled, and Blakes Feast always cooking up amazing food. The best thing is the camaraderie, as everyone has become good friends and there is never a shortage of a good laugh which breaks up the working day. We are really happy to be a part of the Brixton Hive family.
Frank Duke Tree Services has been using the Brixton Rise storage facility for approximately 20 years. Since the change of ownership, the new and existing owners of Brixton Hive have been very accommodating to all our needs and nothing is ever too much trouble. They are kind, friendly and easily approachable. Brixton Hive is in a prime location for our tree service business and all the new and improved amenities create a welcoming environment for all. Prices are very comparable to other storage facilities in the area and the other businesses within the complex are a great mix with a great culture.

Booking a student storage unit at a storage facility like Storage Glen Iris can be a cheaper option versus renting another apartment solely for your things. The cost of a student storage unit can vary depending on the location, size of the unit, and the rental term. 

Uni student storage units at storage facilities like ours at Storage Glen Iris are guaranteed to be safe because of the safety measures in place. We provide all our clients a 24/7 security system, alarms, CCTV cameras all over the premises, and controlled access through a PIN security. 


The smallest student storage unit that we can offer to students wishing to store their belongings at Storage Glen Iris measures 1m2. 

Of course, yes. All our clients can access their individual storage units because Storage Glen Iris offers 24/7 access through a PIN-security system. 

Storage Glen Iris provides our clients flexible contracts wherein you can choose whether to book our storage units on a temporary or a long-term basis. To know more in detail, seek assistance from our storage experts.